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Tips for End of Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance

So the summer may feel like it’s winding down, but the weather is not exactly giving us a break. In fact, typically the warm weather tends to last well into September many years.

So it’s important not to forget about maintaining your cooling system. After all, if you take care of it, it will take care of you!

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you close out the summer on a comfortable note:

  • Use your ceiling fans more often. Transitioning to a season like fall is the perfect time to take advantage of energy-saving tips that remove a strain on your cooling system. In fact, when you run your ceiling fan, you can turn your thermostat up a few degrees without feeling a difference in temperature.
  • Change your air filter. Although you should really change it monthly, during summer your system tends to get more dirt and dust in it and the first step in removing it is to change your filter. But also consider a duct cleaning on a regular basis to make sure the dirt that builds up within the ducts is removed.
  • Continue to close your shades and blinds during the day. Although the days may be getting shorter, remember to keep closing blinds and drawing shades down to keep the sunlight out of your home. This will ease the work your cooling system has to do and save you on utility bills as well.
  • Clear debris from your outdoor condenser unit. With all the dry weather and summer activities like mowing the lawn, debris tends to build up on your unit and restrict its airflow. Make sure to clear any visible debris away and consider cleaning the unit with a brush or vacuum.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance for your furnace. You may not have your furnace on your mind, but the best time to maintain it is when you don’t yet need it. Once the cold weather hits… and it will… our crews get busy and if your system doesn’t fire up, you could be waiting in line. Of course, if you have a Home Protection Plan with us, you’re at the front of the line!

Call the pro’s at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating should you need any help with your system.

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