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I am “Giving Away” $5,285 furnaces for only $1,290* with purchase of an off-season Central Air Conditioner…

My frustration can be your celebration!

I am “Giving Away” $5,285 furnaces for only $1,290* with purchase of an off-season

Central Air Conditioner…

(This is great financial news if your heating & cooling system is over 10 years old)

Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can actually replace your old (and probably very inefficient) furnace and air conditioner as a package for up to $3,995 less than you would have to pay at any other time.

Let me explain.

Every year, the months of January, February, March, and April can “Kill” my business. I usually end up losing a ton of money, and it can take the rest of the year just to make up the loss. Looks like the same thing is happening this year! If I can minimize my losses from now until business picks up, I’ll come out ahead by the end of the year.

My Problem Is Your Opportunity

Here’s how this offer came about:

Every year, the big manufacturers of air conditioners and furnaces have to guess how many units to build to meet the demand of a normal winter. In our part of the country, they are looking at inventory that will sit unsold for the next 6 months unless they move it NOW.

I have negotiated with one of these companies to set aside 17 High Efficiency furnaces for those of our clients with older furnaces. Because of the time of year, I was able to get them at drastically reduced, dirt-cheap prices.

These are brand new 2017 models. And, they are NOT seconds or “blems” or standard “builder” models. They are factory-fresh furnaces and air conditioners, and they have a full factory warranty that includes a Lifetime Unit Replacement warranty which means this could be the last unit you ever have to buy! **


Here’s How You Can Get A Furnace For Peanuts

By putting this furnace and air conditioner package together (then “negotiating” with the factory) and getting 17 systems, I was able to buy both the furnace and the air conditioner for less than anyone should have a right to pay!

So, if you buy one of these 17 new Heating and Cooling systems, I am “giving” you the furnace and all I ask for is the $1,290* in labor and materials it costs to have your furnace installed.

You Can Buy With No Cash

You don’t even have to pay me right away. I have set up a terrific financing plan where you will not make any payments or pay any interest for the first 3 months (upon approved credit). That means you get a brand new system by using the bank’s money for free! Consider this, if you decide to make monthly installments instead of paying cash, a large part of your monthly amount might be offset by the monthly savings on your utility bills. It’s like “having your cake and eating it too”.

Ironclad Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will save at least 25% on your heating and cooling bills (I’m projecting more like 30% to 40%), that I will pay you Double the Difference for one year if you don’t! I’ll show you exactly how this works. There is no way you can lose. Your lower utility bills will help you save big. And I will even double your savings if you save less than 25%. If these systems were not among the best on the market, I couldn’t afford to make such a promise.

Why This Offer Can’t Last

You must act before March 30, 2018. If I have any of the 17 systems left (although I doubt I will), this offer still ends. The only reason I am making this virtually no-profit (for me) offer now, is because of the “killer” months before we get busy this spring.

Give me a call now at 301-515-1001 and I will set up an appointment for your no-obligation survey.

Yours in comfort… and savings!

Gillian Collins

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating


*$1,290 furnace price is based on purchase of a new cooling system; financing available with approved credit. **Lifetime unit replacement applies to Deluxe and Premier systems only and includes a new outdoor unit if compressor should ever fail. This offer is not valid on prior installations. Lawrence H. Collins, Master HVAC #4818

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