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$49 spring A/C rejuvenation


ONLY  $49 (Reg. $99)

Here are 4 Reasons why you should take advantage of this offer now:

1. Maintain and your family won’t complain!
It has been shown that air conditioning systems that receive regular maintenance are less likely to break down during the summer months; when the weather is hot and sticky and you need your A/C the most is unfortunately when most systems break down. And it’s also when our crews are at their busiest. So… don’t let this happen to you!

2. A little goes a long way!
No matter how old your system may be, the manufacturer’s warranty requires regular maintenance. So you can avoid a costly surprise later if your system fails and you find it’s due to something that was preventable with maintenance.

3. Get more for your utility dollar!
Our detailed inspection and tuneup of your system will leave it in peak operating condition, saving you money on energy bills all summer long. Don’t give your hard earned money to the utility company… spend it on you and your family!

4. You’ll save $50!
Yes, between now and the end of April, we are offering our $99 A/C rejuvenation tuneup for only $49. But hurry, once our appointments are filled, they are filled!

Book your appointment now! Offer ends May 31.

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