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Have your Heating System Inspected Now!

… and pay ONLY $49 (reg $129)

Why Maintain your Heating System?

  • Safety & Peace of Mind.
    During the heating checkup, our technician will always check if the system is safe to use during the heating season. Even the smallest problems (when unattended) can lead to major issues and dangerous situations as you use the system more and more into the season: carbon monoxide leakage from a natural gas furnace is one such problem that a safety inspection can help identify and fix before it turns dangerous.
  • Prevent Major Problems.
    You will not believe how many calls we get every  winter season about problems that require expensive fixes which could have been prevented with regular and timely maintenance. Our heating checkups not only make your system more efficient and safe but will also help discover any small issues that could turn into major problems when you need your heat the most… in the dead of winter.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency.
    When we do our inspections and checkups, we look at all the important parts and mechanisms such as burners and heat exchangers; this helps keep your system working efficiently during the peak seasons.
  • Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty.
    If you have a manufacturer’s warranty it may require that you get an annual system checkup to maintain the warranty. Some manufacturers stipulate that their warranty is void if their system doesn’t receive regular maintenance.

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Offer good through Dec. 31, 2018.

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