The power of a wi-fi thermostat.

Do you remember when you upgraded to your first smart phone? You loved the big, bright screen, you loved the apps, and you loved having the internet at your fingertips.

That hi-tech upgrade felt amazing. But ask yourself, how much better it would have felt if you saved on your wireless bill when you upgraded?

That didn’t happen, did it? If anything, you paid WAY more every month.

When you upgrade to an advanced thermostat, you not only enjoy the hi-tech convenience, but save between 10% and 20% percent on your energy bill – every month. That’s an innovative upgrade that goes to work for you.

Read on to learn about the 2 styles of advanced thermostats, their 21st century features, and how you can save between 10% and 20% on every energy bill.

Programmable Thermostats

You only need to set these thermostats once to reap the benefits. You tell a programmable thermostat the right temperature for you, and it makes it happen — every day.

These thermostats save you money by ensuring that you never pay to heat an empty house. You can program your work and sleep schedule into the thermostat for maximum efficiency. You’ll only need to update this thermostat as the seasons — and your temperature needs — change

It’s kind of a “set it and forget it” — except you’ll remember how awesome it is every day.

Modern programmable thermostat.

The Steps to Saving

1. Program your thermostat to keep the temperature warm until you leave for work, and then drop it for the work hours.
2. Program your thermostat to raise the temperature before you arrive home, and keep it warm until bedtime.
3. Program your thermostat to lower the nighttime temperature, so you sleep well and save while you’re doing.
4. Change the programming every season to ensure you receive the 10%-20% savings

Wi-Fi Thermostats

These advanced thermostats put you in control of your heating system from anywhere that you have access to the internet. Since the thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, when you download the app, you can control your thermostat from any device including phone, tablet, and laptop.

Upgrade to a wi-fi thermostat for total control.

The Steps to Saving

1. Download the app
2. Raise the temperature when you get up in the morning to keep comfortable while getting ready for work.
3. As you’re leaving for the day, drop the temperature and save.
4. If you need to come back home unexpectedly, warm up your house before you get there.
5. When you’re about to drift off to sleep, you can drop the temperature without getting out of bed.
6. Follow this heating plan every day and you can save between 10% and 20% percent on your energy bill.

If that sounds like a lot of work, we have some good news: most WI-Fi thermostats come equipped with the features of a programmable thermostat. That means you can take manual control when you want to and fall back on your pattern when you don’t.

Heating System Check-up for Efficiency

Another way to save on your energy bill is with a heating system check-up from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. Nothing goes quite as well with your new thermostat as a heating system with the efficiency to match.

Upgrade your thermostat and get a heating system checkup.

Overtime your heating system, whether it’s a heat pump, a furnace or a boiler, loses efficiency. This occurs as the equipment degrades and dust accumulates on the exposed components.

You can restore the heating system to factory efficiency with a heating system check-up from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. In addition, our expert technicians can hunt for the signs of a potentially expensive breakdown.

Upgrade Your Thermostat with Us

When it comes to your smart phone you need to decide between what can feel like limitless options. Your carrier, your data, your phone model.


When it comes to upgrading to the 10% – 20% savings of a programmable thermostat or a Wi-Fi thermostat, that choice is easy.

Choose One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating to consult with you and install your energy-saving thermostat.